Sunday, May 14, 2017

When it all comes together

Some of the pieces I make can and should be viewed 360, others no no no. I literally sew the stone into the surrounding piece so the ugly has to go somewhere.  Apparently not always. You see, I am a "Listen to the voices in my head" kind of girl/artist so I tend not to have and/or go by a sketch. So that makes today's piece so interesting. Not that it stayed true to the picture but I was "inspired" by another artists piece (does that count as credit)? The back was woven along with the cage. I've seen that done before but this one made enough sense to me to try.

Here she is made in one sunny morning with semi harm done to a curious lime green spider..........

Look at this simple yet effective back.

There was a moment when I was sitting outside weaving this and I placed the stone in the wire cage for a fitting and I saw a deep blue flash. In an instant the stone gave me a glimpse of her beauty hidden to me in the shadows of my studio. Wow what an honor to work on this beauty.

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