Sunday, February 21, 2016

Photobombed by Wide Spread Panic Dave Schools

Widespread Panic Feb 16

The Place Theater is our favorite venue.

We are usually in the balcony so I just listen to the music. Our seats this time were as close as you can get so I got to see faces and watch the lead gutiar shred.


Rocking with a migraine and my bearded one and only.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Picking back up and finishing

Maybe a year ago? I started this. Its been awhile since I've made that bead so yeah around a year ago. Just felt like messing with all the loose ends and making something from confusion. I will clean and perhaps darken with patina but this lovely pendant is not going to change by much. After a long and slow start I love the sunlight coming through this piece.

Free hand Guitar Birthday Card

Free hand if that means I looked at a photo of the guitar. Sure can't argue with the results and I know he will dig it right away.

Inside finished with a pick complete with initials.

Gift Bag Gift Tag

What would every gift bag ask for if it could? This gift tag.

I can see now the brighter pink would have matched better, but, it softens the gold heart.. Still this was so fun to create, all 10 of them.