Sunday, January 31, 2016

Name cards with sparkly hearts and bling.

Sometimes, its just as important to know where to sit as to know where you stand. Dinner parties for sure. Made these for another extravaganza hosted by my sister, Cathy. Gift tags to follow, but have to break as I made these to excape the noise of the house. I love my husband and my dog, but with a migraine today, not so much. Making these in the quiet took my mind off of the pain running through my eye. Just saying.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nautical Royal Icing Sugar Cookies for a Baby Shower

I'm somewhat new to the cookie game and I don't hate these but in my head they were better. Each batch I do learn something new, however I am still having some of the same issues. 

The correct frosting consistency is a biggie. My flooding was better this time but my piping was like cement. I had to remove it from the bag and add a touch more water. Turns out I should have added a touch more than a touch. 

Baking, my least favorite job after the clean up. Powdered sugar does enjoy going airborne. The baby bottles dough was perfect. The second batch spread too much. I think my butter was too warm and it could have used more flour.

I will be making another order for a gender reveal where I'm hoping to use the airbrush opening up a whole new world of hell. But as David Bromberg so eloquently sang... "You gotta suffer if you wanta sing the blues."

Its all part of learning and getting to the other side. See you there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wire woven wonders

Three more wire pendants placed on my ETSY shop Shaezocha. I really like the shape of these beads for wire wrapping.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pendants on Etsy -Shaezocha

Decided to post these beauties on Etsy. I will add a few more over the next few days. Poor site only had one bead for sale. Trying to find the best way to reach my clients. Sold a big piece at my friends shop. Half way to paying for the display case. First of many to come.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nautical Babies

For a friend. Waiting for more cookiecutters to come in the mail. This is the only one I had that worked. So next weekend will make the rest.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ray Guns, M16 and a Glock

Sometimes I just get tired of making pretty beads and the Soldier just comes out of me. I know the M16 should be longer but my Minor torch just can't keep heat at both ends. The Glock is crude as well but my husband (who usually doen't look at my beads when he says "yea nice") actually knew it was a Glock so I'm close.

The Rayguns were inspired from Heather Sellers space series. I tried a traditional spaceship, but you can't see the flames under it.

Just for fun because I'm home for the holidays and haven't really made beads in awhile other than commission stuff. So it was fun just to play around.

Friday, January 1, 2016

First Book of the New Year-The Success Principles

OWN Oprah's network serves as a constant source of inspiration and spirtual encouragement for me. Most of the books on my Ipad are a result of seeing the authors on her shows. The latest, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield & Janet Switzer, is another home run.

In leadership classes while in the Army I was challenged to set goals. This was always crazy hard for me. I was never able to go beyond, retiring. Albet a lofty goal amongst the drawdown, QMP (meet standards or get put out). At the time I knew I was missing the point of the exercise, but what the Army failed to do was show me how to set goals. Sound like a cop out? Maybe, but I'm being honest. As soon as the Can't Do Its popped in my head I was done.

It wasn't until reading TSP this morning that I realized why and how I failed this seemingly simple task. Jack addresses the voices in our heads that sabatoge. Clearly this is what I was doing. I can't do this because...The market won't support, I don't have what it takes. Not realizing that I was my own road block I never really got beyond this.

 He also pointed out how external forces impacted my inability to set and therefore reach goals. Naysayers. Incredibly negative early educator exeriences, Ms. Whitesel, looking back should never been allowed to imprint on young minds. But she did. Even today I remember shitty things said and done to me, by her as a 3rd grader. TSP takes this on saying that every experience is placed in front of us to overcome, learn from, and conqer. I used to try to evaluate why she had me in her crosshairs, did I deserve it, did I somehow draw her distain, was she just a fucken bitch? Going with that one. But honestly I try not to give her too much power over me. I forgive her because I have learned she was operating on what was done to her. It doesnt change the fact she went out of her way to be shitty to me, seriously as a 3rd grader I saw it, but writting this I realize this should be the last time I re-live her unfairness. Acknowledging that she was purposely targeting me, and that I grew up to be a positive, happy and awesome human being anyway ends it. Done. Maybe she did me a favor? Ok not there yet but I'm only a quarter way through the book. Just for the record Ms Furnace was a bitch too, I think they were buds.

So TSP wants me to write down my goals, carry them around, and read them daily. So here we go.

Use my gifts and talents to help others
Provide resources to help animals heal and find homes
Retire again
Have enough money at retirement to continue to buy supplies to make stuff for causes
Encourage others to volunteer
Find those who need that I can provide
Make a sad person laugh
Help a lost person find inspiration
Not harm with my words
Help Women reach equality
Change the law in KY and abolish Dog fighting.
Find a buyer for every piece of art I make
Travel to inspiring places
Notice beauty and become better for it
Stop limiting my thoughts
Not let fame or fortune change me
Become a better person
Increase my relationship with spirituality
End suffering wherever I can
Write a book, create an artwork, or do something that changes how someone sees the world, themselves, or others
Have inner peace with all that I am and all that I am not.