Wednesday, March 23, 2016

That Tricky Reality

Apparently its a floor length dress Baby Shower. Whose surprised really? So I had to up my game a bit as my nieces are very pretty ladies. My sister's going all "Mother of the Bride" on me and I was going all "Sun Garden Party". So here is what my head re-envisioned... Ant Shae Shae

Smoking? Right? So taking into account my girth, my girth's elasticisticy, and my age, I still chose the lovely number below.

Because there will be small children I will cover my arms with this Etsy find..

Thank you for pointing that out, yes I can make this, could have, but I don't have the arm left to crochet much any more. I wore out the crochet ligament. It's evil when pissed off so I just write the check. Lovely work and will cover the bat-cheese arms. So Win Win...

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