Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nautical Royal Icing Sugar Cookies for a Baby Shower

I'm somewhat new to the cookie game and I don't hate these but in my head they were better. Each batch I do learn something new, however I am still having some of the same issues. 

The correct frosting consistency is a biggie. My flooding was better this time but my piping was like cement. I had to remove it from the bag and add a touch more water. Turns out I should have added a touch more than a touch. 

Baking, my least favorite job after the clean up. Powdered sugar does enjoy going airborne. The baby bottles dough was perfect. The second batch spread too much. I think my butter was too warm and it could have used more flour.

I will be making another order for a gender reveal where I'm hoping to use the airbrush opening up a whole new world of hell. But as David Bromberg so eloquently sang... "You gotta suffer if you wanta sing the blues."

Its all part of learning and getting to the other side. See you there.

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