Sunday, October 18, 2015

Warzocha Wire Wheel

In preparation for Craft Sale Season, I started to make smaller pendants. 
Smaller being relative, of course.

My fingers hurt from the wire and this was a bugger to shoot. I'll probably fix the arraignment and re-shoot with a kinder sky.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wedding shots I shot that I love

The wind was my muse and today she was full of herself.

I am alway looking for textures.     

The picture of Laura needed to be included her presence was felt all day.

Here we are two of the four supporting crew. Steven and Aaron were off finding pins and glue.

Pepsi was not fond of the wind, or the time he had to spend in the car.

I love these, I was not so sure of the couch at first sight hoping for a more sophisticated look. But looking at these shots I couldn't be more pleased.

This special moment is my favorite picture I took that day. I call it, Thinking of Laura.  I should win an award for this picture.

Her veil just wipped across my lens in a fraction of a second. Combined with the
tender pose, it was a perfect unexpected but welcome surprise.

The crew.

Two of my favorites.

Three shots that sum up the bride. 

I shot a wedding by the lake.

It was a seven hour drive to The Lakehouse B&B where the wedding of Steve and Sheila would take place. I was stiff and sore when I arrived but a quick visit to the shore with the sound of the waves fixed everything.