Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beads cleaned in the spring air

With the sun shining on the deck birds and wind circling above me, I cleaned a bunch of beads. It was so beautiful out I took the opportunity to take some outside shots. These may make it to Etsy-Shaezocha, just not right away. Blame the weather.

I learn by repetition and copycat-ing. Dora Schubert inspiration on these.

Trees are so fun because there is no wrong way to render them.

All these are Dora, with a little Shaezocha twist.


Michal S. and her impossible stringer work inspired this series.

Above and below are from the inside of my head.

Lilly of the valley beads have cropped up by several artist so not sure who to credit, but I took a little from them all.

The need for me to draw paisley on everything, to include myself continues. 

Above beads mostly me but inspired by all those before me.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

If Borg wore jewelry.

If Borg wore jewelry it might look like this.

The multi-colored lampwork bead is quite busy on its own. The copper wire prior to the patina competed against the intricate design and depth of the bead. After the liver of sulfur tuned the wire black the bead really popped out and I liked it. The wire wrapping just looked better the more compact it became and the shape just accented the bead.

The shape of this piece does not look like the rest of my designs and for that fact alone I welcome it. The bead is really quite cool.

Available at ETSY Shaezocha.