Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fort Knox, Craft Booth 2015

So far the best part of the show has been seeing all my friends from across post. Sales were enough that two of the three participants, Mindy and myself made our portion of the booth rent. Steve made a sale that covered his lunch; his first sale ever. Very cool. Traffic at this event is Friday lunch hour  and after work, Saturdays is more like a slow trickle.

This year the event isn't being held in a tank motor pool. Yea. The Saber and Quill is carpeted and although a beautiful and humongous crystal chandelier hangs over my booth the lighting is MEH. It is the best venue for this event, humble opinion. Sadowski Field House was OK as was the Old NCO club (that is no more).

I did not have any luck getting a good shot without additional flash, so may give it another try today. The black fabric was too dark so I swapped it out mid day. It helped but I had already taken the camera home.

To the left is my wire and lampwork, Left Top is Steve's Copper sculpture and Mindy's Resin work to the right.

Mindy and Steve have their set up down to a science. I guess St James, and Cherokee Park year after year will do that. I really like the room feeling they created. But damn its a lot of work with a big vehicle necessary. 

This is my new line of small but mighty.

Here is Steve's Copper Corner.These of course are my larger pieces. Clearly everyone who commented appreciated the work and art in each piece however that didn't translate into sales, perhaps tomorrow.

Babes in Craftland.

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