Monday, August 24, 2015

Comic Con Chicago

Flying to Chicago is going home. More of my family is concentrated there and its one short flight and done. This year family gathered together and enjoyed the Comic Con and each other, (I hope, anyway.)
 Ryan says its our fifth time attending, but I'm thinking more like four, whatever.So here are a few of the highlights.

Love Chicago, I do.

Lucky enough to have time to grab the camera before he stormed past.


People in costumes and super hero action figure galore, there's no place like Comic Con.

So this guy is doing a pretty decent Stan Lee impression. It took us awhile to tell. There was a sign with "donations for pictures" and if it really was Stan Lee, there would be a price clearly marked. Just saying.

Some years we take the time to actually thumb through a few thousand comic books other years action figures or prints. Just what ever, man.

 This original and bright art caught my eye.

Crow is like one of my hero's.

Plenty of tributes to Wonder Woman everywhere. As there should be.

The main event for me was clearly Tom having a booth this year. I follow his blog and copy his style, shamelessly.

Ryan and I had a lovely conversation with legend Neal Adams about the contribution of photography to art in the last 100 years. Neil liked me and insisted on looking at some of Ryan's ideas for a series.

Michael Golden shared his methods on story writing and development. He is funny and honest the hour was filled with tips and quizzes.

We hired him to fulfill a young boys misspent youth, I mean wish, to include the micronaut in his childhood equivalent of a blankie. 

Wow, when I heard Tom Richmond was going to have a booth this year, I knew what I had to do, and here is proof I did it.

I love this cuz I was nerdo fan. But I really think this guy is the best. His wife is very nice and I hung over his shoulder and learned crazy amounts of cool shit. It was like watching Elyse play the piano where her fingers fly over the keys and music comes out. Tom's line work was so confident and accurate I was humbled.  
 Lastly we met with a Co Owner from a Publishing Comics, who gave Ryan some great tips and str

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