Monday, July 13, 2015

Why does this resin bangle cost so much...

I can already hear the craft crowd curiously inquire...
Why does this resin bangle cost so much...

Honestly I wondered too when I first started checking out this new craft I was drawn to. I have decided to dedicate this page to exactly why I'm asking 25 to 30 dollars each.

Lets begin with Molds and not the cheap chunky flimsily ones.
These beauties take the hell out of de-molding and run about $30 to $50 plus shipping. They are reusable up to a point.

 Worth every penny.

The largest cost and reason for failure is Resin. Thanks to 40% coupons it is manageable starting out at $20 to $40. Resin goes a long way but, for me the learning curve was huge. Ok still is.

Now add the cost of stuff. I mean up to an additional $5 per bangle. Cool shit cost more and can come from far away lands.

Now here's were we go to crazy town.

Mixing, pouring, embellishing and waiting. Once dryed, its the big reveal where dreams are...well..often dashed. Air bubble, wonky edges, movement. But always with promise. Promise translates to elbow grease.

Almost done but first there is an investment in sandpaper that needs to be made. Because, as I found out, sanding is the only way to fix jacked-up edges. 
But only after vigorous
 sanding with many grits. 

I read most there was to read about casting resin bangles and suspiciously missing was any reference to the jacked-up edges I was pretty much getting each time. Under filling left a trench and over filling wasn't much better.

When I take the piece out of a the mold I use an exacto knife to cut away most of the excess or overflow. Occasionally I trim excess knuckle material as well.
Thoughtfully pictures have been omitted although I am sporting an epic thumb nick.

So then I take sandpaper to flatten then mimic the opposite edge.

I dip my finger in a small batch of resin and wipe down the dull sanded edge transforming it into a shiny edge that matches the opposite side.

The cost and labor really makes this craft an investment. But I love the results, come on how fun are these? But If you want to buy one from my booth or Etsy site.... SHAEZOCHA, I will charge you big bank. And now you know why. 

Should you get one of these from me as a gift, you must be special.

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