Sunday, January 25, 2015

"You should make smaller pieces" she said with the confidence of a jewelry buyer.

I don't start out to make Amazonian jewelry (someday I should weigh one of my pieces), There is a point on almost all pieces during the "making" where I start to think I no longer posses any creative ability. Then I fill some perceived offensive spot with more wire. I continue this process until the piece can no longer be considered small. So when a friend, offered a suggestion that I consider making smaller pieces, I agreed. So here are two examples of smaller. The lavender piece is quite lovely, while the red piece was OK until I photographed it and now I find it lacks the 180 pizzazz. TBH...To Become a Honker.

The last two shots really highlight the imbalance between the globs of red and copper counter balance. So maybe some of the red comes out or more of the copper goes in. Any guesses which way I'm leaning.

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