Monday, October 20, 2014

Commission for Cheryl

So apparently I tend to go all "ole lady" in my styling. This commission was for a young woman, early twenties. She didn't appear to be edgy or possessed so I did want to present something feminine. After all the request was for something with peacocks, so a light hand was fitting.
The feathers were actually fun to make. As I always make sets or similar beads I got more confident with the stringer feather work. I ended up making a large bead with two feathers for me. Yup and that's the one that split right down the middle. I hope to make another double feather bead eventually to replace the one that currently is super glued together.
I had made a peacock full body bead previously with intricate body feathers in the dragon scale technique. I decided to simplify the design and play with feathers in 3D. Very cute results. Yea.


                                                                            Just a touch more detail.

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