Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My BFF turns 50

Veronica is my best friend. She is 7 almost 8 years younger than I am. She turns 50 a few years before I turn 60. Danielle, her oldest, just graduated as Dr. Zsido and CPT Zsido, Rachel graduates from Harvard this weekend. Luke finishes his second year at Johns Hopkins and four down, Gabrielle competed Kindergarten. Pretty good accomplishments in 49 years. Oh yea she retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and runs a business based on her ability to be a genius teaching students ACT prep.

Once during a very intense briefing of Army recruiting statistics and worse, she corrected the briefer (her analyst). It made me wonder what we really had in common as I was an enlisted Sargent with math skills literally un-chartable, not off the scale, just not making it entirely. So I whispered "why we were friends again"? since I had no clue what they were talking about. She said "because I don't know how to tie dye". Oh yea. I loved her children and have remained in AWE of her since day one, 20 years ago.

I made her these cookies to celebrate her 50th. I added Lavender from Hawaii to the dough. So Yum!!

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