Friday, March 21, 2014

Bead Soup Arrived

I received my bead soup and could not believe my eyes. Cindy sent not only a lot of beads, but very cool beads. Metal, wood, porcelain, glass, garnet, jasper (I love jasper), on and on.

I feel I might have sold her short in my soup, however I sent her my precious African Trade Beads that were quite old and more elaborate than some made today. So I hope that makes up for the volume difference. I struggled with this years package because the trade beads are primary colors and I started to make solid color spacer beads but stopped because it would be too matchy-matchy.  (and too obvious) I made about 6 focals to go with them and only really liked one, but sent her a few options.

I am used to working in big honker beads and she sent me such delicate beauties. This of course is the beauty of BSBP where the goal is to take you out of your comfort zone. (Yea Lori) Cindy's work is simple and elegant and I sent her monster beads. Well if I ever stop playing with my soup I can move on to the design phase. I love the focal I just want to string it and let it stand alone. But no fun in that. What ever I make with these gorgeous beads I will cherish.

Interesting Similarities
We sent similar coconut beads
Both our favorite color is green
Cindy sent me an OM sign that I don't have and always wanted
We are both dealing with a serious family illness

I feel blessed to have connected with such a generous and talented spirit.

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