Monday, March 31, 2014

Bead Soup in Crayons

I decided to share my BSBP elation in cartoon style. Home bound with a recovering puppy gave me all the time in the world to explore beading options and commit the process to paper and crayon.

Waiting for the package is just hands down the most fun part. Even if your partner sends you 100x more than your wildest dream, your wildest dreams are pretty cool. In this illustration I try to capture this anticipation.

Then comes disbelief, I really felt honored to get all these beads, and I love green, texture, variety, this Soup had it all. But the focal was the showstopper. I had seen Cindy use it on other jewelry on her blog Cindy's Art and Soul, Yes I had hoped for one. Bam. There it was, the Om sign focal.

To get a feel of the similar but vastly different beads, I played with them, lined them up, scattered them and finally I drew them. Granted I was home bound with a sick Puppy and time was no problem, so drawing the beads killed time sufficiently.

As I drew the beads, combinations came into my head. I always string my focals in the same predictable way so I started thinking about a pin. One big heavy pin. Or a honker necklace. So I played with the stones and wire.
The result surprised me and although I had a starting point I quickly deviated from the original idea. But you will have to wait for the reveal to see what the heck I made from Cindy's very generous Bead Soup Exchange.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Bead Soup Arrived

I received my bead soup and could not believe my eyes. Cindy sent not only a lot of beads, but very cool beads. Metal, wood, porcelain, glass, garnet, jasper (I love jasper), on and on.

I feel I might have sold her short in my soup, however I sent her my precious African Trade Beads that were quite old and more elaborate than some made today. So I hope that makes up for the volume difference. I struggled with this years package because the trade beads are primary colors and I started to make solid color spacer beads but stopped because it would be too matchy-matchy.  (and too obvious) I made about 6 focals to go with them and only really liked one, but sent her a few options.

I am used to working in big honker beads and she sent me such delicate beauties. This of course is the beauty of BSBP where the goal is to take you out of your comfort zone. (Yea Lori) Cindy's work is simple and elegant and I sent her monster beads. Well if I ever stop playing with my soup I can move on to the design phase. I love the focal I just want to string it and let it stand alone. But no fun in that. What ever I make with these gorgeous beads I will cherish.

Interesting Similarities
We sent similar coconut beads
Both our favorite color is green
Cindy sent me an OM sign that I don't have and always wanted
We are both dealing with a serious family illness

I feel blessed to have connected with such a generous and talented spirit.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cindy's Art & Soul

My BSBP Partner's work. Visit her work at cindypack.blogspot and nurture your soul!!! I have just returned from a trip and will mail her package of beads today. I can't wait to see what she has in store for me.

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Partner is Cindy Pack!

My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner is Cindy Pack. I took a stroll through her blog and Etsy shop and I am so excited to be paired with her. I got most excited when I saw her jewelry and it had the OM sign and several references to spirituality. Lori had no way to know that I practice Buddhism.  Cindy's fondness for including spiritual sayings in her work couldn't be more perfect.

Because I am all over the place with my interests and my output has been sporadic lately Cindy will have to go back a few months to see my jewelry work. She works in metal and her work has a lightness to it that has great appeal. I can't wait to collaborate with her during the 8th BSBP.