Saturday, June 15, 2013

I love lampwork, melting glass, open flame, and the creative process makes spending time on the torch magical. Recently I have focused on putting the bowls and jars of beads to good use.
The beads in this green necklace were not made to be used together. Once I started pulling all the beads in the yellow green family I came up with this necklace. It was missing the POW. So I dug deeper and found this yellow rose honker of a bead. I think it works.


My studio buddy, Kathleen, was tasked with making me a set of beads. So she did her organic frit tubes. They were colorful with interesting patterns so I went crazy and made this beautiful blue green set. "Kitchen sink" for all the places I pulled stray beads to include in it.

This necklace just happened. I made the focal and decided it needed similar beads. So I made two smaller but felt that wasn't enough so I made the flying saucer beads to set the focal up. It clasps in the back.

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