Saturday, February 16, 2013

To bead or not to bead....

To bead or not to bead.....
Lori posted a few pearls of wisdom to sustain us during the blog party. My thoughts have been on a similar theme so I thought I'd mention it here. Lori wants us to push ourselves and work outside our comfort level.

After visiting many of the fellow bead souper's blog sites and facebook entry's, I am feeling inspired. I tend to make very similar chains. My focal beads are all over the place but my chains tend to be redundant. So seeing all the creativity is having a great effect on me. I am ready to get started. Receiving beads that you didn't pick out is a brilliant idea to push your own skills.

My partner Kladuia, works with very small seed beads so when she gets my monster beads I am sure she will have some adjustment. Because we are internationally swapping I can't wait to see the kind of beads she has available to her.

I am pulling out my beading books and looking online at ideas and techniques. I am even starting to purchase different types of beads and stone beads. Previously I pretty much stuck with crystal and metal. Now I am excited to incorporate the wide range of natural beads. In this the Bead Soup Blog Party is already a success.

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