Friday, February 22, 2013

My Soup Arrived

Today I signed for my package from Budapest (much awaited). Klaudia sent me such a variety of beads in colors I can't wait to use. She hand crocheted beads with seed beads for decoration. These are my favorite because I couldn't reproduce them if my life depended on it. Clay beads that are very light for their size. Crystals, seed beads, very beautiful purple leaf beads, cat eye bright green beads, crackle finish orange beads, bright orange smooth beads really interesting orange seed beads? I think, hand hammered closures and soft green metal designs that I can't wait to figure out what to do with.
Ok Klaudia, my mind is blown. The variety of options will keep me up all night. The lovely crochet shell bag is especially precious to me because my Grandmother, crocheted and my best memories of her are teaching me to crochet. I cherish it.
Thank you
I hope your package arrives soon and I didn't screw up the address.

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  1. Very inspiring soup! This is my first bead soup adventure and I am learning so much. Please, stop by. I'm trying to visit everyone. Good luck, right? Best to you, Billi