Friday, March 30, 2012

Biltmore Asheville NC

The lampwork retreat behind us Kat and I visited the Biltmore Estate and viewed America's largest private home.

Fire on the Mountain Asheville NC

About 30 ladies gathered to share the love of lampwork. Asheville NC stained glass studio hosted the 3 day event. Classes, demonstrations, and torch time filled our days. New techniques and new friends made it a wonderful enriching experience.
Kathleen is working on her bead while I play with fire.

 Mylin made her signature butterflies and kept us cracking up the entire time.

Demonstrations and their results.

Some of us took notes; me I took photographs.

I found time to get a new tattoo.

I asked for Lysa to demonstrate on boro and she made this cool heart.
Margie is the brains behind the retreat.

The bead exchange was my favorite part.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wylie Our Precious Flower

Brian found Wylie in the paper and we drove out to meet her. Her owner was engaged and for what ever reason this meant Wylie was out. We walked around a small barn and there she was tied to a post. Happy to see us we slowly bent down to pet her. She licked Brian and the three of us became a family right there on the spot. We took her home and after a small adjustment on her part 10 years flew by. She was never an ounce of trouble and when I had my hip replaced she became my protector. Brian looked at her with pure love and she made him a better man. Their bond was special. I could not spoil her enough and her nightly pig ear dance and ear puffing is what I will remember the most fondly. She was a classy lady and I am crushed at the loss. How lucky we all were to have 10 years together. I will never forget her gentile sweet spirit that touched me so deeply. Love you Wyzocha. Until we meet again ...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lampwork Glass

Changed the background to black. I like this better overall, however some of the colors are lost. Also added the shorts leaking out for drama.... :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shut up Rush


He's only sorry his sponsors are outraged.