Thursday, June 30, 2011

Geo Markers

Places of the Tah - geodetic cosmic markers of the Master Builders:

1) Alpha Node (TIK): Mesa Verde Plateau, Colorado, USA

2) Golden Circle (LA): Zion's National Park, Utah, USA

3) Golden Circle (RE): Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming, USA

4) Golden Circle (ME): Mount Shasta, California, USA

5) Golden Section (RESHA): Big Sur, California, USA

6) Golden Section (MESO): Baja, California, USA

7) Descending Golden Plateau (HAMAN): Titicaca, Peru

8) Ascending Golden Pleateau (RHAMA): Lhasa, Tibet

9) Golden Meta (TU'RA): Giza Plateau, Egypt

10) Greater Rezon (MU): Yucatan

11) Lesser Rezon (TAMEN) Stonehenge, England

12) Greater Meridian (MU'KHAMA) Pacific Ocean, near Marquieses

13) Lesser Meridian (ATLA'KHAMA): Atlantic Ocean, near Bermuda

14) Rue Mark (RAS): Sahara Desert

15) Rue Mark (TAMEN): Gobi Desert

16) Northern Triangle (TUBA): Maui, Hawai'i, USA

17) Northern Triangle (TUKHAMAN): Atlantic Ocean, near Azores

18) Northern Triangle (TUSOI): Iceland

19) Southern Triangle (MOLA): Angel Falls Plateau, Venezuela

20) Southern Triangle (MOSEH): Mount Kilimanjaro region, Africa

21) Southern Triangle (MOPAH): Great Siberian Plain

22) North Polar Convex (HANUM): North Pole region

23) South Polar Convex (HAVA): South Pole region

24) Trigate (YANA): Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

25) Triazimuth (NIMH): Teotihuacan pyramid complex near Mexico City, Mexico

26) Optic Star Union (TREGA): Jerusalem, Israel

27) Solar Rod (MECH): between Springfield and Peoria, Illinois, USA

28) Solar Rod (TALOS): Memphis, Tennessee, USA

29) Solar Rod (EMPRE) Cypress Gardens, Florida, USA

30) Guardian Passage (TAS): South Island, New Zealand

31) Guardian Passage (NADA): Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

32) Guardian Passage (LAO): Denali region of Alaska

33) Omega Node (NU): Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Smith's

So sometimes you get luck in life and have a great job with wonderful people who enrich your life. In this I am the ultimate winner. I am so blessed to meet and share moments with the most incredible people so vastly different I can't imagine how I am so lucky. Of this litany of amazing people there is a special man who rises to the rigors of fatherhood everyday. So lucky to be a part of his journey I actually got to chronicle a moment in time where he is surrounded by his daughters whom he is devoted to. Kaitlyn and Taylor. In a session at Saunders Springs just outside the gate of Fort Knox Jamie and his daughters are recorded as a family, a family Jamie dedicates his life to. Beautiful girls so American and so a result of his life.

I love this shot because it was effortless. The bond they share just emanates.

 Another spectacular shot mostly beacuse they are so geniune and comfortable together.

Is this a sister moment or what?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Lampwork

Peony and forget me not flowers in pink and blue.
Lime green bead with a pink rose.

Love that double helix effect.

Divarti exploding glass in pink with scroll work.

CIM pink, exploding Divarty with clear and light pink swirled with gold adventrine.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Nieces

This week I got to combine work with a trip home. We have a tradition where we go to BK and don crowns and take a family photo. Piper is a master of faces. Wonder what this one means?
 Here we are in Sturgis MI. Mazie Sky, Great Ant Shae Shae and Piper Lake.
 Ray, Piper, Cathy, Lauren, and Mazie keeping the tradition alive. It was a beautiful day and we always have lots of fun together.
Lauren's new studio Limelight Photography in Sturgis MI. She is always coming up with creative ideas and her studio is way cool.

Mazie is about the cutest baby ever. She has porcelain skin so we call her butter.

I always bring a craft for Piper and I to do together. This tissue bird was easy and we loved the finished product.

Cathy and I collaborated on these cupcake fondant toppers. Cool and delicious.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Churchill Downs

The gang from work headed to Louisville for the afternoon.  It was my first time back to Churchill Downs since the renovations. They got it right. What a great upgrade. 

First race Caitlin, Cindy and I won on #4.

                                   John felt at home while Ted and Danny checked the place out.

                                    Willie and I take a break from cashing in all our winnings.

Between race banter. 

                                          My big tip and win for the day #2 was magnicificant.

Eight Inch Elvis played us out.

Tote bags

A weeks full of work these eight tote bags are lined reinforced with interfacing some have interior and or exterior pockets or both

They are destin for my niece Laurens shop in Sturgis MI.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lampwork Greens and Blues

Even in the heat of a Kentucky spring I can't leave the torch.
This two bead necklace is a combination of double helix and silver frit on a mermaid teal base.
I wanted a navy and lime green necklace and this big necklace is my first attempt. The bright yellow centers may distract from the effect I was trying to achieve. It's a very busy necklace, maybe too busy.

Luna Double Helix on a lime green dot base shaped into a square bead sets up this set and the etched green and shiny smaller green bead creates an interesting set.

Mixing clear, mermaid teal, and adventurine gold makes this bead something special. Accented with two adventurine smaller beads the focal bead looks great.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cathy's Commission

I expanded this necklace for Cathy so that she could just slip it over her head. The idea being with no clasp she can select any color to be placed in the front. This allows for the necklace to be worn more often as the colors in the back don't really show. I used all kinds of glass but the final step etched the surface taking the shine off the beads. It produces an elegant result.