Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Nieces

This week I got to combine work with a trip home. We have a tradition where we go to BK and don crowns and take a family photo. Piper is a master of faces. Wonder what this one means?
 Here we are in Sturgis MI. Mazie Sky, Great Ant Shae Shae and Piper Lake.
 Ray, Piper, Cathy, Lauren, and Mazie keeping the tradition alive. It was a beautiful day and we always have lots of fun together.
Lauren's new studio Limelight Photography in Sturgis MI. She is always coming up with creative ideas and her studio is way cool.

Mazie is about the cutest baby ever. She has porcelain skin so we call her butter.

I always bring a craft for Piper and I to do together. This tissue bird was easy and we loved the finished product.

Cathy and I collaborated on these cupcake fondant toppers. Cool and delicious.

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