Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lampwork Sets

This multi colored lampwork bead necklace was made to see all the colors of glass mixed together. I love the color wheel and seeing the glass as beads I can envision future collaborations.
I love how this set of lampwork beads in white and clear makes such a strong statement. The clear pops the white and it is one of my favorite results. Suprisingly so.
This shows both sides of this lampwork pendant. The silver frit burns into the ivory glass making an unpredictable and intresting pattern.
This funky lampwork pattern is easily achieved placing dot on dot. The value difference really makes this set striking.
Kathleen, my bead buddy, loves the organic shapes and this teal and silver work pops against the darker teal accent beads.
Ivory seperates CIM green and transparent green until its swirled together. Solid transparent green spacer beads makes this a whimsical lampwork set.

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  1. These are all great! I like what you did with the colors of these lampworks...Daniel