Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A year in the planning my trip to Europe was a dream come true. Spending time with my Niece and Nephew-in-law was such a bonus. Marcus was so accommodating and resourceful. Elyse's excitement and love of life made her a joy to travel with. We had a blast and fell in love with Paris. Always with me Barbie really logged some frequent flier miles too.

Hampton Court the home of Henry the XVIII and Ann Bolin made my trip to England so interesting. The estate is one train stop from their apartment in Surbiton. A film crew was present the day I visited. Props were piled throughout the castle and made it feel occupied. One of my favorite pictures I took that day was a group of fishing baskets.
My time in England was very limited and we headed to the train station to board the EuroStar for Paris early Friday morning. The Eiffel Tower was incredible. I had not expected to be so impressed but it really is amazing.
Outside cafe's mixed with the Parisian ambiance made for a memorable experience. We took the metro to Versallis and spent our second day in France touring Louis the XVI' and Marie Antoniette's refuge. The oppulance and grandure is hard to explain. The grounds were breathtaking and the castle it's self defies description.

The third and final day was spent at the Louvre where we say the Mona Lisa and much more.

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