Monday, August 16, 2010

August Fire

Justin and I at Hayley and Ben's wedding, Lani Hawaii 2006. It was an amazing week and I love this picture of my little nephew. I had never seen this particular picture and we look damn good.

So here I am another August awaiting the results of the Army Craft contest. I entered two oil paintings and don't expect to win. But entering gives me a false legitimacy. Even if I win the prize is minimal so the purpose is to feed my hungry ego.

My dear friend Kathleen has returned from Virgina and we have set up a lampworking studio and am turning out fairly hideous beads. But we are hopeful that repetition will be its own reward. As well as sharing a torch Kathleen is very smart and lovely to spend time with. Perhaps one day I will show a bead worth posting. Maybe.

On my way to Chicago to meet with Ryan and Hayley to attend the Wizard Comic convention for the weekend and then off to NY to hang by the new pool with Veronica and the 7 little Zsidos. Most of whom are taller than I.

Brian isn't working on any particular project and I have two more stairs to grout. Next indoors will be the bathroom downstairs. I have the cabinet, sink and light. Need the floor, paint and energy. Outside, I actually gained ground before the 90 degree weather set in. I reduced the flower beds in the front and put rocks around the border. In back I took the mud puddle and replaced it with sand and flagstone. As soon as the heat recedes I will fill the cracks with dirt and work on the leveling.

Wylie is still sweet and Sandy is using her dog door in the studio consistently. Brian put the dog door in so I don't have to get up and let her in and out and in and out. It took her awhile to use it because I had beads hanging when the door was open so the bugs wouldn't fly in, and she hated walking through the beads. Once I removed them she started using the door. Sandy loves Kathleen and goes ape shit when she comes over. Could be the three new puppies Kathleen has.

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