Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dog days of Summer

Sandy is very photogenic but she is fast so I have a stack of photos of her walking away. Wylie is chillin because of the heat. We all are actually. Because of the clay mud after it rains, I decided to extend the patio and lay flagstone. Guess I originally figured it would be a joint effort but Brians work hours are long and the project became my baby. It was high 90's all day (month) so it was a slow process over 4 days. My hand are numb and have been for over a week. I'm old. I wanted to bring the last of the sand in to fill the cracks but my hands need more of a break. The results so far are great. It came out better than I'd hoped for. The heat is keeping me inside and I did finish the tile work on the stairs. Once I grout them I can move on to the downstairs stairs. I learned how to make paper beads and they are awesome, but again numb my hands. I can't win. I also became fascinated with kaleidoscope femo clay technique. I have been home twice to visit my family, attend weddings, and meet our newest addition Ms Mazie. She is so precious and Piper is old enough to have fun with. I am headed to Chicago with my nephew to go to the Wizard Comic Convention and hang at my niece's house. Then I'm off to my best friends home and chill with her 7 kids in New York. We bought tickets for England for next spring to visit my niece for a week and then Brian will fly to Poland and I will fly to Hungary. I am learning Hungarian using software. It's hard but cool. I can hear my Grandmother's accent in the words and that's the coolest part. We moved from the recruiting headquarters to the accessions command new headquarters this week. Not too bad of a move and the building is state of the art. A bit of termoil at work with the dpt of labor shaking things up but not too bad. Best part of the move is my old buddy Kat is back from VA and two doors down. So we will kick up the art/zen thing like old times. I am gathering things for a fall craft show. I have gained enough weight for serious attention to be directed to dieting, as soon as I finish the blueberry stash, I picked 12lbs this weekend. So thats the summer.

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