Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jenny's Wedding in Chicago

Jenny and Preston were married in a Chicago Art Gallery and I was honored to attend. I used the opportunity to visit with Hayley and Ben along with Cathy. The wedding was lovely and the Art was, well, shit. However Jenny was beautiful and we had a wonderful time.

I spent quality time with my family shopping and sampling the results of Hayley and Cathy's cooking school. Hayley's meals blew my mind, I was so impressed. We enjoyed several Chicago restuarants but they hardly compaired to Hayleys. At Roy's and I had the most amazing meal and dessert, we also ate at an Italian restaruarnt where I ate truffels and enjoyed wine with each course. We all shared bites of each others meals and I loved getting to spend time with Ben.

They have 2 huge but sweet dogs, Bernard and Parker who are so gentile for their size. I always enjoy Alex the African Sengal as we have a thing. Marshmellow the Cockatoo sang for me while I tried to sleep of the migraine caused by the delicious dinner wine.

Hayley and Ben decided to start a fresh Herb garden and they planted 4 zillion seeds while Cathy and I enjoyed hanging with them. It was a great visit and it went to fast.

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