Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring 2010

I had to put my beloved laptop down. It absolutely became slower each day, so my husband surprised me with a new wicked fast laptop. This is partially why I haven't visited my blog in almost a year.

I also became responsible for the facebook content for the PaYS Program and it required all my processing ram, leaving very little for other endeavors. That and I have acquired an obsession with cardmaking, stamping, die cutting, and papermaking. I really made boring cards and longtime pal CJ drug me to a card club. I now regret putting it off for all those years she urged me to join. At first I thought all those tools were over the top but now I have seen the light, and embrace the multiple techniques and results. Ok so how many cards can you make a year to justify the wad of money I "invested/invest" in tools, paper and supplies? shrug.

Now I have just found nestables, and would like to thank the creator personally and hope their childrens education I am funding, does well. The die cutting shapes come in graduated sizes so you can cut your stamped art out and also a contrasting color frame in the same shape. So my cuttlebug die cutter began to strain from over use and I wasn't going to pay the price the "stampclub patron" wanted for the mac-daddy die cutter.

Insert plug for here: I love and it makes no sense to shop anywhere else. I mean do the work, compare prices then compare the shipping. Sometimes my shipping is more than the item I am ordering, similar to paying more for your luggage than the cost of the ticket. So as I type I am awaiting my Big Daddy die cutting machine to arrive and each time my dogs begin to bark, I listen for sounds of the FedEx man vs the sounds of people walking their dogs in front of our house sounds. Sidebar: how inconsiderate is it to repeatedly walk your dogs in front of my house where my under walked dogs have to be reminded they never get walked. I mean it just rude. OK 61-99=29 for the cutter 15-3=12+ shipping 61+3=64 vs 114 zzzzzzzzzzz so 50$ stays in my pocket. And that's why I love and am available for commercials.

I entered the boots in the Army contest along with other various outputs from my crafting litter trail. The boots failed to change the world but my beaded tin of Elvis, received and Honorable Mention. Are you kidding me, I study fine art oil painting for 20 years and my painting tanks? But my Elvis tin scores? I don't mean to be ungrateful as I have never won anything in my life, but realistically, you could glue buggers in the shape of Elvis on a turd and if there is an Elvis fan on the board -hit gold. Its a hollow victory is all I'm saying.

So I have entered two painting commissions I actually finished this year and remain hopeful that my fine art submission will receive higher praise than my turd-bugger Elvis "3D" entry.

Good place to end for now.

Welcome to Earth, Great Niece Mazie Sky....

and Way to Go Rachel for nailing Harvard admissions.

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