Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Searing Flesh Lampwork

Since I am obsessed with making beads, the bowl of previously made beads started to overflow. As the craft sale I committed to loomed closer it made sense to turn them into jewelry. I started to combine beads into threes. Stacking them by size, color and design became as much fun as making them.

In a few cases I went back to the torch and created one or two beads to complete a set. Various wire wrapping techniques and accompanying crystals completed them. I have sold and given them as gifts. I saved my favorites and wear them often. Because my skill is beginner level I sell them for $10. This is a good deal. I could ask more for them but the idea is to get them out of the bowl in my studio. It also allows me to buy more glass and perfect my technique.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Craft Sale

Two shows in a row. Both really successful and fun. My partner in crime, Kathleen, and I had a great time at the Vine Grove KY Dickens Days craft sale. We sold steady and met some great fellow venders. It was a learning experience and we took notes. Snow fell that morning making the upcoming holiday seem closer.

The show had a pretty good variety of wares and a butt load of jewelry. We were the only vendors who made their beads. Our lampwork, dichroic, and paper beads made our booth unique.

Monday, August 16, 2010

August Fire

Justin and I at Hayley and Ben's wedding, Lani Hawaii 2006. It was an amazing week and I love this picture of my little nephew. I had never seen this particular picture and we look damn good.

So here I am another August awaiting the results of the Army Craft contest. I entered two oil paintings and don't expect to win. But entering gives me a false legitimacy. Even if I win the prize is minimal so the purpose is to feed my hungry ego.

My dear friend Kathleen has returned from Virgina and we have set up a lampworking studio and am turning out fairly hideous beads. But we are hopeful that repetition will be its own reward. As well as sharing a torch Kathleen is very smart and lovely to spend time with. Perhaps one day I will show a bead worth posting. Maybe.

On my way to Chicago to meet with Ryan and Hayley to attend the Wizard Comic convention for the weekend and then off to NY to hang by the new pool with Veronica and the 7 little Zsidos. Most of whom are taller than I.

Brian isn't working on any particular project and I have two more stairs to grout. Next indoors will be the bathroom downstairs. I have the cabinet, sink and light. Need the floor, paint and energy. Outside, I actually gained ground before the 90 degree weather set in. I reduced the flower beds in the front and put rocks around the border. In back I took the mud puddle and replaced it with sand and flagstone. As soon as the heat recedes I will fill the cracks with dirt and work on the leveling.

Wylie is still sweet and Sandy is using her dog door in the studio consistently. Brian put the dog door in so I don't have to get up and let her in and out and in and out. It took her awhile to use it because I had beads hanging when the door was open so the bugs wouldn't fly in, and she hated walking through the beads. Once I removed them she started using the door. Sandy loves Kathleen and goes ape shit when she comes over. Could be the three new puppies Kathleen has.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dog days of Summer

Sandy is very photogenic but she is fast so I have a stack of photos of her walking away. Wylie is chillin because of the heat. We all are actually. Because of the clay mud after it rains, I decided to extend the patio and lay flagstone. Guess I originally figured it would be a joint effort but Brians work hours are long and the project became my baby. It was high 90's all day (month) so it was a slow process over 4 days. My hand are numb and have been for over a week. I'm old. I wanted to bring the last of the sand in to fill the cracks but my hands need more of a break. The results so far are great. It came out better than I'd hoped for. The heat is keeping me inside and I did finish the tile work on the stairs. Once I grout them I can move on to the downstairs stairs. I learned how to make paper beads and they are awesome, but again numb my hands. I can't win. I also became fascinated with kaleidoscope femo clay technique. I have been home twice to visit my family, attend weddings, and meet our newest addition Ms Mazie. She is so precious and Piper is old enough to have fun with. I am headed to Chicago with my nephew to go to the Wizard Comic Convention and hang at my niece's house. Then I'm off to my best friends home and chill with her 7 kids in New York. We bought tickets for England for next spring to visit my niece for a week and then Brian will fly to Poland and I will fly to Hungary. I am learning Hungarian using software. It's hard but cool. I can hear my Grandmother's accent in the words and that's the coolest part. We moved from the recruiting headquarters to the accessions command new headquarters this week. Not too bad of a move and the building is state of the art. A bit of termoil at work with the dpt of labor shaking things up but not too bad. Best part of the move is my old buddy Kat is back from VA and two doors down. So we will kick up the art/zen thing like old times. I am gathering things for a fall craft show. I have gained enough weight for serious attention to be directed to dieting, as soon as I finish the blueberry stash, I picked 12lbs this weekend. So thats the summer.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jenny's Wedding in Chicago

Jenny and Preston were married in a Chicago Art Gallery and I was honored to attend. I used the opportunity to visit with Hayley and Ben along with Cathy. The wedding was lovely and the Art was, well, shit. However Jenny was beautiful and we had a wonderful time.

I spent quality time with my family shopping and sampling the results of Hayley and Cathy's cooking school. Hayley's meals blew my mind, I was so impressed. We enjoyed several Chicago restuarants but they hardly compaired to Hayleys. At Roy's and I had the most amazing meal and dessert, we also ate at an Italian restaruarnt where I ate truffels and enjoyed wine with each course. We all shared bites of each others meals and I loved getting to spend time with Ben.

They have 2 huge but sweet dogs, Bernard and Parker who are so gentile for their size. I always enjoy Alex the African Sengal as we have a thing. Marshmellow the Cockatoo sang for me while I tried to sleep of the migraine caused by the delicious dinner wine.

Hayley and Ben decided to start a fresh Herb garden and they planted 4 zillion seeds while Cathy and I enjoyed hanging with them. It was a great visit and it went to fast.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring 2010

I had to put my beloved laptop down. It absolutely became slower each day, so my husband surprised me with a new wicked fast laptop. This is partially why I haven't visited my blog in almost a year.

I also became responsible for the facebook content for the PaYS Program and it required all my processing ram, leaving very little for other endeavors. That and I have acquired an obsession with cardmaking, stamping, die cutting, and papermaking. I really made boring cards and longtime pal CJ drug me to a card club. I now regret putting it off for all those years she urged me to join. At first I thought all those tools were over the top but now I have seen the light, and embrace the multiple techniques and results. Ok so how many cards can you make a year to justify the wad of money I "invested/invest" in tools, paper and supplies? shrug.

Now I have just found nestables, and would like to thank the creator personally and hope their childrens education I am funding, does well. The die cutting shapes come in graduated sizes so you can cut your stamped art out and also a contrasting color frame in the same shape. So my cuttlebug die cutter began to strain from over use and I wasn't going to pay the price the "stampclub patron" wanted for the mac-daddy die cutter.

Insert plug for Overstock.com here: I love Overstock.com and it makes no sense to shop anywhere else. I mean do the work, compare prices then compare the shipping. Sometimes my shipping is more than the item I am ordering, similar to paying more for your luggage than the cost of the ticket. So as I type I am awaiting my Big Daddy die cutting machine to arrive and each time my dogs begin to bark, I listen for sounds of the FedEx man vs the sounds of people walking their dogs in front of our house sounds. Sidebar: how inconsiderate is it to repeatedly walk your dogs in front of my house where my under walked dogs have to be reminded they never get walked. I mean it just rude. OK 61-99=29 for the cutter 15-3=12+ shipping 61+3=64 vs 114 zzzzzzzzzzz so 50$ stays in my pocket. And that's why I love Overstock.com and am available for commercials.

I entered the boots in the Army contest along with other various outputs from my crafting litter trail. The boots failed to change the world but my beaded tin of Elvis, received and Honorable Mention. Are you kidding me, I study fine art oil painting for 20 years and my painting tanks? But my Elvis tin scores? I don't mean to be ungrateful as I have never won anything in my life, but realistically, you could glue buggers in the shape of Elvis on a turd and if there is an Elvis fan on the board -hit gold. Its a hollow victory is all I'm saying.

So I have entered two painting commissions I actually finished this year and remain hopeful that my fine art submission will receive higher praise than my turd-bugger Elvis "3D" entry.

Good place to end for now.

Welcome to Earth, Great Niece Mazie Sky....

and Way to Go Rachel for nailing Harvard admissions.