Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ireland; How I spent my summer vacation

Truly, Ireland is a gorgeous place to be. Dublin rocks and hanging out in a different Pub each day gives you a window into the real Irish gem; it's people. All of the countryside and coast views will charm you.

Being there for the wedding of my Niece Elyse and new Nephew, Marcus was a joy. His family instantly became mine. I was way to busy doing wedding stuff but someday hope to return and just hang, paint and see more.

We spent just 3 days in England, another jam packed few days. We toured the Windsor Castle and it blew my mind. The scale, the detail, the opulence had me in a trance. Without a doubt, the fashion's in London were the weirdest I've ever seen, that and for July everyone had on dark clothes with hats, scarves, and coats. We stuck out like the American tourist we were, in lime green and bright pink shorts.

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